NYC [Aug 2015]

NYC [Aug 2015]

New York began to weave her magic around us on that steamy Summer's afternoon in June.

My husband and I walked hand in hand along the cobbled stoned streets of Greenwich Village as the police sirens wailed along 6th Avenue; and closer, bearded hipsters sipped coffees and laughed loudly in the trendy cafés lining the quieter, shadier streets around us. 

We gazed up at the grand, ivy covered town houses as they towered above us and we began to talk about our future. Somehow together, our feet and hearts instinctively knew that they had found their new home - there on the streets of New York.  

I am sure that everyone has entertained the thought that they could move to their favourite holiday destination at one time or another. They return home and tell their friends how much they loved Athens… Singapore… Paris. I could absolutely live there, they say. They soon forget though and the thought fades as quickly as their holiday tan.

We weren't prepared I have since tried to explain to friends. We just weren't prepared for how much we would fall in love with New York. 

But this hold, this unexplainable grip that our friend New York has on us is a tight one. She constantly demands her way into our thoughts, conversations and dreams. It seems she can’t (and won't) be ignored.

So it is time for us to make plans. To explore what we need to do to make our dream become a reality. To fill up a savings account to support us in the early days.  To make sure we are ready for her.

It’s not going to be easy. We know that the move is going to be hard and she is going to make us work for the privilege to be able to call her our home.

But I wake up each morning and glance across my bedside table and see the post cards of Central Park and the New York skyline leaning there. 

Hello friend I whisper, we will be back as soon as we can, we promise. 

A Letter to my Husband

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